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Long term care insurance covers medical or custodial care for people with a prolonged illness, disability, or cognitive disorder. Common forms of long term care include:
Every day Activities such as bathing, eating, dressing.

Professional nursing care or rehabilitation therapy in a facility or your home.

Cognitive impairment requiring permanent care rather than cure oriented services.

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There are several common misconceptions about long term care. Many seniors believe that Medicare, Medicaid, or their health insurance policies will cover their long term care needs. Here are the real facts:
Medicare has eligibility requirements and provides coverage for a very limited time period.

Health insurance plans rarely provide financial aid for long term care costs.

Medicaid is a welfare program, and only provides coverage for seniors whose financial resources are completely depleted.

Nationwide, seniors and their families pay the majority of all long term care costs.

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Long term care is a sensitive issue among most Americans, but the cost only increases with age. SeniorCareWiz was created to make the process of finding long term care insurance as easy and painless as possible. SeniorCareWiz is comprised of a nationwide network of thousands of long term care insurance experts and providers. We take the hassle out of shopping around for an insurance policy thatís right for you. All you have to do is fill out our free LTC insurance quote form, and an agent will contact you with an insurance quote tailored to your needs. Check out our facts pages for more long term care insurance info.

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